Measuring amplifier for pressure sensors.

This design is made for the Flexiforce A401 and uses an MCP6002 to get a readable signal.

There is a bottom layer in the ZIP file. So you can make it with 2 rivets.
It is also possible to keep it a single side board and solder a jumper wire.

The 3 connectors are optional. The traces are made in 2mm width to make it possible to solder wires directly to the PCB.


Ref Qnty Value
C1 1 47pF
D1, D2 2 1N4148W
J1, J2, J3 3 Screw_Terminal_01x02
R1 1 10k
R2 1 20k
R4 1 100k
U1 1 MCP6002-xSN


Download files: Download 14.69 Kb

Files in ZIP:

Voltera-Measure-AMP.html 1.68 kB
Voltera-Measure-AMP-B_Cu.gbr 0.95 kB
Voltera-Measure-AMP-F_Cu.gbr 38.37 kB
Voltera-Measure-AMP-F_Paste.gbr 30.17 kB